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1. What should I do if I placed my order few days ago, but I’ve still no delivery confirmation neither did I received a package
If you’ve purchased an article which is on pre-sale, then please have a look at the release date. If this is not the case, then we would like to ask you for some patience. Since we are as small company with only a few employees it can happen during peak periods that we just don’t have the time to update the order. If the order is older than two weeks and there is still no delivery confirmation, please contact us.


2. Is it possible to choose a number, if I’m ordering a limited and numbered product?
Unfortunately, not.


3. What should I do, if I placed an order but didn’t get a confirmation mail?
Please check your mail accounts spam folder.


4. Have you received my order?
If you received a confirmation mail, then yes. Please check also your mail accounts spam folder.


5. I’m not able to find a specific product. Is it still in stock?
If a product is not visible in our shop, then it’s out of stock and can’t be ordered.


6. Can your products cause issues with customs?
There are no customs checks within the EU. Unfortunately, we cannot check the situation for all non-EU coutries we deliver to. We ask you to check for yourself if importing one of our products might cause issues with your customs regulations. All our products are checked according to Austrian law.


7. How can I pay my order?
All orders have to be paid via advanced pay. We support a direct bank transfer to an Austrian bank account and PayPal.


8. Where do I find your Bank data?
You can find our bank data during the checkout process and in the confirmation mail.


9. What is the payment reference?
The payment reference is your order number or the name you have used for placing the order.


10. How much time do I have if I want to pay via Bank Transfer?
If we are not receiving any payment from you within 10 days your order will be cancelled.


11. Have you received my payment?
If you choose to pay with PayPal then we are receiving the money instantly and if you used Bank Transfer it can take some working days (only applies for international customers). If we didn’t get the payment we will contact you after 10 days.


12. Where do I find my invoice?
You can find your invoice sent to mail address you’ve used to place your order or in the registered customer section.


13. What should I do if I want to return a product?
Please contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information. Do not return any products without any notifying us!


14. What should I do I one or multiple articles are damaged?
Please contact us and attach pictures of the damaged product.


15. Can I place my order via Facebook or Mail?
No, we are only accepting orders placed through our online shop.


16. When will be movie "XYZ" released and when can I order it?
We will inform you through our newsletter and social media as soon as we've detailed information about the release and pre-sale date.


17. Is it possible to purchase your products on Amazon, Ebay, Filmundo?
Not directly from us but if you are lucky you can find them sold by a third party.


18. How much is the shipping fee?
Within Europe the shipping is flat 5€ and for the rest of the world it is 7.50€


19. How long does shipping take?
Within Austria shipping takes normally 1 or 2 business days. Within Europe shipping takes normally between 2 – 5 business days. For the rest of the world it takes normally between 4 – 10 business days or longer depending on customs.


20. A pre-sale is starting soon, is it possible to place a reservation?
We are sorry but reservations are not possible, we want to ensure that every customer has a fair chance.


21. Where can I redeem my coupon code?
You can redeem your coupon code at the shopping card section in the field “Discount Code”. After placing an order it’s not possible to add the coupon code.


22. Can I use your products with any DVD or Blu Ray player?
All our releases are Code Free, PAL. In case of some distribution titles it may be different and if there is no information on the product details page available please contact us and we try to figure it out for you.


23. Do all your products have German or English sound?
We are releasing all our products in their original version with additional German or English subtitles.


24. Are all your products uncut / uncensored?
Yes, we are only selling 100% uncut / uncensored products.


25. Do you guys have phone support?
No, we are only offering mail-support.


26. I’ve sent you a message but I have not received a reply yet.
Please keep the different time zones in mind and that we are not offering 24/7 support which means that we also want to enjoy end of day or any holidays and weekends. We try to reply to all messages as quick as possible.


27. What should I do if I face a technical error or when the server is down?
Please be patient and try it in a few minutes again or contact our webmaster – [email protected] (you should receive an answer within a few hours and please keep the different time zones in mind)


28. I’m the owner of an Online/Retail store and want to offer your products to my customers.
In our B2B section you will find all the information you are looking for.


29. How can I get in touch with you if I’ve a Blog, Magazine, YouTube channel or something else and I’m interested into doing a product review?
Please contact our PR department [email protected]


30. I would like to have a signature from my favorite artist.
We are sorry but through the distance it’s not always easy to get singed copies through the distance to our artists. If we’ve signed copies we will highlight at the product details page


31. I would like to have signature from the label owner.
This is no problem please contact us through the contact form.


32. I’m a musician and I would like to support the artist with my work.
Please contact the artist directly since we are not involved into the production.


33. I’m an actor and I would like to apply for a role.
Please contact the artist directly since we are not involved into the production.


34. I’m a director and looking for someone to fund my project.
We are sorry but we’ve planned all our releases a year ahead and through that we are currently not interested in funding any projects.


35. How much would you pay me if I would have a finished movie?
We are sorry but we are not making any offers on films which we have not seen and on the other side it is not possible to make a general offer.


36. I’m a filmmaker and on the search for a Label or a Distributor. Are you guys interested in releasing my work?
We are receiving lots of requests and screener copies, which is the reason why we want to ask you to not send us your work unsolicited. If you want to have your film watched by us, please get in touch with us first. We are always happy to help filmmakers, even if we are not going to release your work.


37. I would like to send in a job application.
We are sorry but we’ve no open positions now, as soon as we are recruiting we will announce it. Please do not send us your application unsolicited.


38. Can I purchase or get a copy of "Baby Butcher".
Unfortunately it's not possible to purchase this movie from Blacklava Entertainment or one of our partners. We would also like to ask you to not send any inquiries about regarding this matter. If we should receive any inquiries we will not answer them