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About Blacklava

Black Lava Entertainment is an Austrian film label whose main targets are the support of independent film art and the release of high-quality, uncut and affordable DVDs. The label's main interests lie in splatter, horror and experimetal, controversial films, but every kind of film is of interest to Black Lava, as long as it is good. Black Lava is proud of each of its releases and believes in staying in personal contact with the respective filmmakers. The most important thing is to release good films, financial aspects are less relevant. Black Lava Entertainment stands for pure passion and is a label for real fans.

Black Lava Entertainment was founded in 2008 and was licensed in 2010. The first steps were taken much earlier, though. Some films and music albums were released under the name of „NACA7 Filmproduktion“ between 2005 and 2008 and, from 1998 till 2004, some less relevant music releases were made using the name „A. A. S. Productions“. While maintaining its underground spirit from the old days, Black Lava Entertainment works professionally in all fields: officially licensed, factory pressed DVDs, exclusive distribution of trashy, obscure and gory titles and a constantly growing assortment of products, these are the trademarks of Black Lava Entertainment. Independent undergroud titles, housed in packagings which are in no means inferior to mainstream releases.

Black Lava Entertainment does not only release films, it has also been responsible for their production. Apart from the current production „Necrophile Passion“, which caused a lot of controversy even before its release, the label has produced many further titles. Some may remember the legendary, totally banned gross-out classic „Der Nette Mann“, as well as „Hirn“, „Mr. Self Destruct“ and „Suicide Desires“. The latter were perceived very well by audience and critics alike, and even won a couple of prizes. „Hirn“ was awarded the „silberne Hand“ at the Fright Fest in 2007 and „Mr. Self Destruct“ won „Best Audience“ in 2009.

After five years of existence, Black Lava Entertainment is more motivated, productive and energetiv than ever before. Apart from the release of „Necrophile Passion“, Black Lava Entertainment is anxious to release new curiosities and underground hits and is looking into a bright future filled with strong releases and interesting productions. Black Lava Entertainment welcomes every fan who is interested in past, current or future releases.