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ATROZ - Belgium Import (Empfehlung vom Chef "sehr unangenehmer Film")

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ATROZ - Belgium Import (Empfehlung vom Chef "sehr unangenehmer Film")
12,99 €
Ruggero Deodato (director of Cannibal Holocaust) presents "one of the most violent movies in the history of Mexican Cinema". Be advised: Ultra shocking! Bloody! Disgusting! Now available on DVD with Dutch, French & English subtitles.

Director: Lex Ortega
Cast: David Aboussafy, Laurette Flores, Aleyda Gallardo
Mexico 2015 76 min.
PAL Region 2
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: Dutch, French, English
Extras with English subs: Crowdfunding video, Sound video , Practical FX video, Production video, Director's Commentary in English and Spanish.


ENG - A woman has been brutally struck down by a car and the two drivers have been obtained by the police. The Chief of Police decides to check out the assailant’s car for himself and makes a gruesome discovery on a camcorder. The video recorder features the relentless torture and murder of a prostitute. The police decide to deal out some justice of their own by interrogating their perpetrators. They discover more videotapes exposing even more sexually deviant torture and murder.