Welcome to Hell


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All DVDS signed by Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Keith Voigt, Jr.


TOETAG is proud to announce our next DVD release. It comes from a young filmmaker who we have watched grow and mature into a talent that will defiantly make his mark in the underground. This is a first for us, releasing a new filmmakers work, and we couldn’t be more proud to present to the world the cinematic visions of Keith Voigt Jr. From the twisted mind of Keith Voigt Jr. and //WINKERLANd Productions// come two terrifying short films that showcase graphic sex and violence! Can you handle it? SYNOPSIS: ArME (18 mins) ArME tells the story of Daniel Copic. A young handsome Iraq veteran. He has returned from the war and re-entered civilian life. But something is not right. He slowly declines into a descent of loneliness, anger and sadness. LUST (16 mins) LUST tells the story of Lily. She is young, sexy, and psychotic. She wants Eric. Eric is not interested. After further attempts at getting with Eric and being denied every time, Lily finally snaps. She devises a plan to make sure she gets exactly what she wants. Come and witness LUST. FEATURES Short Film: Sandwich (13 mins) ArME Featurette (25 mins) Daniel Home Video (8 mins) Lily Home Video (2 mins) Audio Commentaries More