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Philosophy of a Knife - 2 Disc Special Edition (3rd Press)

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Philosophy of a Knife - 2 Disc Special Edition (3rd Press)
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“Really Really Really Intense – Watch at Your Own Risk!” –Scream Horror Magazine
“A Film You Won’t Forget!” - TwitchFilm
“The Steamroller of Malevolence!” – Cinezilla


Last Exit Entertainment proudly bring Andrey Iskanov’s epic juggernaut of extreme cinema, Philosophy of a Knife, to European DVD with this special edition, filled with exclusive bonus materials and footage never previously seen. At the end of World War II the Russian Army enter Japanese-occupied Manchuria and discover Unit 731. A prisoner of war camp where they realize horrendous crimes have taken place when they find documentation of experiments performed on the prisoners. Experiments so horrific that they immediately get stamped as confidential. Through interviews with doctor and military translator Anatoly Protasov, archive material and reconstructions, Andrey Iskanov creates an overwhelming and powerful story that takes us into the dark heart of Unit 731, force feeding us the gruesome experiments performed in the good name of science. Philosophy of a Knife is a story of human atrocities, but it is also the story of Unit 731 staff questioning their role in these merciless experiments. Quick cuts, loud music, horrific images and Iskanov’s stylistic surrealism all come together in this 256minute documentation of the vileness of man. Philosophy of a Knife is an endurance test and one of the most extreme movies ever made. But never forget, THIS REALLY HAPPENED! Title: Philosophy of a Knife – 2 Disc Special Edition (2 DVD) Director: Andrey Iskanov Duration: 256 min Language: English Subtitles: English, Swedish, German Picture: 1.33:1 OAR (PAL) Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 Region: 0 Genre: Horror/Documentary Age limit: 18+ No: LEE006 EAN: 7340110490104 Extras: -New Introduction by Director Andrey Iskanov -Never Before Seen Color Version Excerpts -Extensive Never Before Seen Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery -New Essay on P.O.A.K. by Author Magnus Blomdahl -Making of Philosophy of a Knife -Interview with Actress Manousch -Dead Before Born (Music Video) -Forgive me (Music Video) -Trailers for The Andrey Iskanov Collection