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Rebirth The Metal Vol. 3 - Audio CD Sampler

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Rebirth The Metal Vol. 3 - Audio CD Sampler

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1. Mastic Scum To Hell With Good Intentions
2. Disastrous Murmur Disaster, Destruction And Doom
3. Bloodshot Eyes Creeping Corpse
4. Decision To Hate Destroy All Organic Forms Of Life
5. Saw A Sick Room.Com
6. Faced Reality Kunstwerk
7. In Blackest Velvet Lamb Of Liberty
8. Morbid Breed Hatred Unknown
9. Chrysops Butcher Basement
10. Mental Demise Pornoxxx Mickery
11. Damned Division Mindless Violence
12. G.F.P.M. Mushroom Cloud Messiah / Cross Water
13. Avenging Angels Who Do You Think You Are
14. Goregast Divine Deception
15. Toxic Shock Syndrom Take That Bitch
16. Sumon Garter Purgatory Path
17. Garstig Töricht
18. Frosttod Blutgier
19. Sidewinder Thoughts Of Wrath


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