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Collectifff - MEDIABOOK

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Collectifff - MEDIABOOK


In 2011, 17 friends decide to pay a tribute to their favorite genre film festival, the BIFFF (Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival)... The result: 12 genre short-films, 12 totally different features. Discover these 12 shorts that created a buzz and were projected in a sold-out room at BIFFF 2012. Zombies, blood, explosions, shootings, bowling balls, slash (the genre not the guitar player), sluts, a female serial killer, feet (in the face), pinku, Hidden Gamera's, psychopats, and a special edition of Queenman straight from Meltdown comics, USA of America...it takes all sorts to make a genre. LIMITED 2-DISC EDITION + 28 PAGE BOOKLET INSIDE + EXCLUSIVE PACKAGING 12 SHORTFILMS Belgium 2012 120 min. PAL Region free BELGIAN PSYCHO - Katia Olivier BOWLING KILLERS - Sébastien Petit COLLECTOR - Sébastien Briedis EROTOMANIA - Alan Deprez HALLOWEEN LA COLOCATION - Michael Lowyck L'ENFER DU DECOR - Jonathan Lenaerts HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. ZOMBIE - David Leclercq RESISTANCE - Olivier Merckx RORSCHACH - Stephane Everaert SANCTUARY'S BATTLE - Emre Olcayto SLUTTERBALL - Jérome Vandewattyne TRAPPED - Youssef Seniora Language: English, French Subtitles: Dutch, French, English Screenformat: 16/9 Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Extras: In depth interviews with the members of the Collectifff, including animated storyboard of Sanctuary's Battle, Shortfilm 'She's a Slut', Making of Collector and much more + 28 page booklet with posterartwork and liner notes. Total of 136 min. with English subtitles.