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  1. Triptychon of Fear - Limited 500 Edition
    14,99 €

    The latest production from Grindhouse Films, Episode I ("Would You Go to Hell for Me?") and Episode III ("Lo specchio di colore giallo dell'anima") were helmed by El Gore. Cedric Endress directed Episode II ("I Fear"). Triptychon of Fear stars Isabelle Fitzgerald, Christian Fryska, El Excremento, Claudio De Giacomo, Cedric Endress and El Gore. The anthology features music by Musica Non Grate & Cortello Stigma. Episode I: Driven by financial problems, a drug addicted couple decides to commit a big crime, so that they can start a new life. Fleeing the scene of the crime, they end up in a wreck, only to discover their nightmare is just beginning. Episode II: A man finds himself trapped in an old attic, the prisoner of a mysterious force. Desperate to find his way out while surrounded by ghostly apparitions, he begins to lose his mind. Episode III: A young woman flees to her home, pursued by a mysterious stranger. Safe in her house, she wonders if she imagined the shape that followed her from the park. Settling into a bath, the true horror of her night awaits her. The region free DVD Release (PAL) of Triptychon of Fear will exclusively include a making of featurette, outtakes, behind the scenes footage, El Gore's never before released short film Salvation, the trailer and a picture gallery.German Language. English Subtitles Mehr erfahren
  2. THE SUFFERING BIBLE - Limited Slipcase Edition
    14,99 €

    Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Yk6r-kfH50 Special Features: English Subtitles German Subtitles Backstage & Interview Gallery Trailer Showreel FULL UNCUT Mehr erfahren
    24,99 €

    DVD Includes: -Main Movie -Trailer -Gallery Limited Edition Incudes: -Limited Slipcase (numbered to 100 pieces) -T-Shirt (Gildan Heavy Cotton) RELEASE DATE: 31th January 2018 Mehr erfahren

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    Special Price 7,49 €

    Kadaverficker The Movie - Limited to 500 Handnumbered Copies - Slipcase Mehr erfahren
  5. Flesh of the Void - Limited 500 DVD Slipcase Edition - OUT OF PRINT - THE VERY LAST COPY!!!
    49,99 €

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    Some people think of dying as a peaceful fading. Some think of it as going into the light. Reliving your life in a brief moment of relief. What if those people are wrong? What if dying isn't peaceful? What if it is an endless trip of relentless agony, confronting you with all you ever feared, hated, felt disgusted by or deeply despised, sending you on a surreal trip of primal fears, filth, depression and violence? Flesh of the Void tries to visually depict just that. Forget about your hopes and dreams. Burn your bible. Emptiness is your god now. Mehr erfahren
  6. Death-Scort Service - Limited 500 Slipcase Edition
    19,99 €

    Special Features: German Subtitles Behind the Scenes Deleted Scene Trailer Teaser Photo Galery Indiegogo Video Herb visits DSS Set Mehr erfahren
  7. Channel 309 (7-9) Slipcase Edition - DVD + T-Shirt Combo
    29,99 €

    Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 What Happened (The Early Years) Mehr erfahren
  8. A God without a Universe - Limited Slipcase Edition + T-Shirt Combo - AWARD WINNING MOVIE - Last Pieces!!!
    24,99 €

    SUBTITLES: ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH, DUTCH! E - Anders and his sister Mia went trough a difficult childhood. Mia was constantly sexually abused by her father, while her depressive mother just sat there and watched. After a prison sentence for the murder of his father, Anders is reunited with his sister, and Mia dreams of a new start for both of them. However, their sinister past catches up with them, and demons from the past must be faced anew. D - Anders und seine Schwester Mia hatten eine schwierige Kindheit. Mia wurde ständig sexuell von ihrem Vater missbraucht, während ihre depressive Mutter nur zusah. Nach einer langen Gefängnisstrafe wegen Vatermordes kommt Anders auf freien Fuß und wird mit seiner Schwester vereinigt. Mia träumt von einem neuen Anfang, jedoch werden beide bald durch ihre dunkle Vergangenheit eingeholt und müssen den gefährlichen Dämonen ihrer Vergangenheit erneut wiederstehen. NL - Anders en zijn zus Mia hebben een moeilijke jeugd gehad. Mia werd voortdurend seksueel misbruikt door eigen haar vader, terwijl haar depressieve moeder gewoon toe keek. Als Anders, gestraft voor de moord op zijn vader, uit de gevangenis vrij komt en wordt herenigd met zijn zus, denkt zij aan een nieuwe start voor hen beiden. Ze worden echter al snel achtervolgd door hun duistere verleden en moeten hun gevaarlijkste demonen opnieuw trotseren. FR - Anders et sa sœur Mia ont eu une enfance difficile. Mia a constamment été abusée sexuellement par son propre père pendant que sa mère dépressive regardait. Quand Anders, puni pour le meurtre de son père est libéré de prison et réuni avec sa sœur, elle pense à un nouveau départ pour eux. Cependant, ils sont bientôt chassés par leur passé sombre et doivent à nouveau défier leurs démons les plus dangereux. Mehr erfahren
  9. A FUCKING CRUEL NIGHTMARE - Limited 500 Edition
    14,99 €

    LIMITED TO 500 PIECES IN A NUMBERED SLIPCASE FULL UNCUT includes the unreleased Shortfilm "A Cruel Nightmare" an Exklusive Making of and a Slideshow NO DIALOGUES IN THIS MOVIE A man wanders down a corridor and as he appears into each room that he passes by he becomes witness to acts of unbelievable cruelty as people are viciously and brutally tortured and murdered. Is it real or is it a nightmare? Mehr erfahren

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9 Artikel